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Moving Boost

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As we look back over the past year, we’ve certainly lived through one of the most stressful periods in recent history. After spending so much more time at home throughout the pandemic, some are wondering if they should move to improve their mental health and well-being. This is no surprise since the U.S. Census Bureau reported an increase in the percentage of adults with symptoms of anxiety and depression in a recent Household Pulse Survey.

There’s logic behind the idea that making a move could improve someone’s quality of life. When people change their scenery, they often feel happier. Catherine Hartley, an Assistant Professor at New York University’s Department of Psychology and co-author of a study on how new experiences impact happiness, mentioned, “Our results suggest that people feel happier when they have more variety in their daily routines—when they go to novel places and have a wider array of experiences.”

So, if you’re thinking of moving this year to help boost your happiness factor, here are a few questions to ask yourself as you make your decision.

How’s the Weather?

Is the weather something that’s important to you? Does it have a tendency to impact your mood? The World Population Review shares:

“What states have the best weather? When evaluating each state for temperature, rain, and sun, some states stand out. Although climate and weather preferences are personal and subjective, some criteria are considered to make up the best weather, according to Current Results:

  • Comfortable temperatures from 63°F to 86°F for more than half of the year.
  • Dry weather with no more than 60 inches of rain per year.
  • Mostly clear skies with an average of sunshine for at least 60% of the year.”

“Better weather” can mean different things to different people – some prefer the heat, others cooler temperatures, and some want to experience all four seasons. Think about what makes you feel happiest if you’re looking for a new location. Personally, I love the seasons and it’s one of the main reasons I love Northern Minnesota! Our summers are off the hook, and we appreciate them so much more than people in climates that are always 72 and sunny! We also have the most beautiful fall colors, winter is gorgeous in it’s own right, and it provides a base for a wide variety of winter sports and activites.

Should I Choose the Living in Town, on the Lake or in the Country?

With the COVID-19 pandemic, some people are deciding to move to lower-density areas. There’s actually a big movement they are calling “de-urbanization”. There are a few different factors that could be attributing to this movement. Some big cities have a lot of turmoil, rioting and an increase in crime. Another factor is that more and more people are finding they can work from home indefinately, so they are chooing to live where they play, instead of having to work in a city and travel to the lake or country on their freetime. If that sounds like you, a move to the country or the lake may be a win for you. On the flip side, if you want to leave the country and downsize now would be a great time, since there are so many people wanting to buy outside of the city.

Bottom Line

As we look beyond the trials of the pandemic, many are hoping for a new beginning, and that may mean moving. If that’s your goal in 2021, let’s connect today to talk about your new plans and options. I will be your guide to help you navigate the currently challenging, constantly changing, real estate market.