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The Home Buying Process Simplified

It’s not just first time homebuyers who need help simplifying the home buying process. No matter how many homes you have bought, when it comes time to buy, it will have likely been at least a few years since you’ve gone through the process.

Here’s our quick checklist to make the entire process as smooth as possible.

Our Three Biggest Tips for Buying a Home:

1. Get your finances in order FIRST. Find a trusted lender and figure out where you stand. What can you afford? Do you need to repair your credit? Do you need to save? Waiting until the perfect house comes on to the market to talk to a lender is one of the biggest mistakes we see buyers make. Houses that are desirable will be gone before you are able to make an offer.

2. Find a Realtor that you work well with. You don’t have the use the Realtor your parents used, the Realtor that you met at an open house, or even the Realtor you used last time. Everyone has different needs and personalities. Find the right Realtor for YOU.

3. Stay in Communication. The time from an accepted offer to the time you close involves many moving pieces. Stay on top of requests from your lender, inspection deadlines, and be careful not to make any changes to credit, savings, or employment without talking to your lender FIRST.

Overall, the home buying process can definitely seem overwhelming, but partnering with a trusted lender and Realtor can make all the difference. To discuss the process or get started down the path of buying a home, reach out and let’s chat!